to Mar 2


Its time again! During this 6 week challenge you will develop amazing life changing habits. Each week has a different focus and points awarded for good behaviors. Your team and your coach will be right beside for this awesome challenge. The winning team gets a night out on the town and huge smack talking rights! 

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to Dec 23

12 days of Christmas Workouts!

1st day (12th) - 12 days kickoff workout (checking your list -checking it twice)

2nd day (13th) - Blue Christmas

3rd day (14th) - Ghosts of workouts past

4th day (15th) - Ghosts of workouts present

5th day (16th) - Ghosts of workouts future

6th day (17th) - Rudolph the Red Zone Reindeer

7th day (18th) - Let it row

8th day (19th) - God rest ye mobil gentlemen

9th day (20th) - Jingle Bells

10th day (21nd) - Deck the walls

11th day (22rd) - All I want for Christmas is abs

12th day (23th) - Hallelujah! Can you Handel it?  

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