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Time to make your should's - did's.


6 weeks of developing life long habits and strategies for your success:

WEEK 1 - Food Tracking
WEEK 2 - Meal Prep
WEEK 3 - The Ideal Plate (NEW!)
WEEK 4-  Processed foods and Sugar
WEEK 5-  Intermittent fasting - 16 hours (NEW!)
WEEK 6-  Superfoods

Magic happens when you move right, eat right, and train smart all at the same time!  This is what these challenges are all about. You will be put on a team of 4-6 others and led by a fearless trainer coach.  Help your team win! This triple accountability keeps you on track and focused through the challenge! Team points will accumulated each week for following:

  • Points for the current weeks focus challenge
  • Points for the previous weeks challenges
  • Points for getting in your workouts
  • Bonus points including:
  1. Water intake
  2. 7+ hours of sleep
  3. No Alcohol
  4. 1 daily healthy habit goal - your own (NEW!)

Monday Jan 22nd - Friday March 2nd

KICKOFF MEETING - Sat Jan 20th 8:00 - 9:00 am

  • Meet with your coach and your team
  • Get starting measurements (optional)

Cost:  $49.00




  • A night out on the winning team!
  • Major smack talking rights!
  • Awesome lifestyle habits
  • Awesome results!