What Do We Do?

Kineo Fit is a local company whose mission is to empower people to maximize their Colorado lifestyle. Our Colorado Springs gym provides trainer led group training classes combining strength training and cardio intervals. Our classes offer the attention personal training and the energy of group exercise. Learn more about the workouts here.


Who Are We For?

We offer a program for busy individuals who want to maximize their time spent working out to look and feel their best. They also want a workout program that allows them to rock their next Colorado adventure whether it be trail running, mountain biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding.




Getting a good outcome from an exercise program is like cooking a gourmet meal. To achieve your "gourmet self", you'll need healthy eating habits and the right mixture of workout ingredients and proper execution.  The ideal amount of heat (intensity) and recovery is also extremely important. These concepts are lost in the current fitness industry where the predominant strategy is just to turn up the heat and hope for the best. Unfortunately this type of simplistic thinking and random "sweat without structure" workouts will eventually leave you burned out, injured or frustrated. If you want lasting success, you need the right structure.




Structured for Success

An effective exercise and lifestyle program requires the right structure. Moving right, eating right and training smart produce 8 spokes of success. All of these essential spokes work together to produce the best mechanism possible for fast and lasting momentum towards your goals. Has your fitness journey been a bumpy ride or short lived in the past? It's most likely that you are missing spokes in your fitness wheel. Kineo Fit provides the structure you need to make real progress on your fitness journey. 


The Best trainers

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The best tools.


Maximize your Lifestyle