Eliminate the guesswork

How we provide the structure for success

3 key elements

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Move Right

Strong Joints, Muscle balance and proper movement patterns are essential for optimum performance and injury prevention. It is important that we start correcting bad movement and imbalances before they become a roadblock to your success. As a new member, you will be given a free FMS movement assessment and scored accordingly. From this assessment we will give you the corrective exercises you need to start to move better right away. Our science based programming and expert training staff provide you the workouts you need to move right.  


Eat Right

How you fuel your body is the most important key to your success and is fundamentally important to increase energy, consistency, to have quality training sessions and continued results. Our accountability coaching program,and eat-right challenges will help you form the habits you need to eat right.

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Train Smart

Our strength, power, ultra, and mobility workouts are specifically designed to maximize adaptations in the body. We use the best heart rate technology to make sure that each individual is precisely working out at the right intensity for them. Instead of tearing you down, our program offers the perfect mix to keep you feeling energized, recovered and ready for the next challenge wether thats your next workout with us or your next adventure outside.

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the spokes explained

All of these spokes work together and just one missing spoke can cause a breakdown of the entire wheel. Many of our members for the first time have experienced phenominal success at Kineo Fit after coming from other group exercise gyms or trying it on their own. Here are the 8 spokes explained further:

Increased Energy

Fueling your body with the right foods and training smart will greatly increase your energy which will encourage more physical activity and your zest for life.


Consistency is where the rubber meets the road. Our smart training program rewards consistency by keeping each workout fun and challenging while balancing workout intensity and muscle fatigue throughout the week. If consistency has been a problem for you we recommend adding an accountability coach. It can make all the difference.

Stronger Joints

Stronger joints are a result of correcting muscle imbalances, correcting movement patterns and strengthening critical stabilizing muscles through smart functional exercise and moving right.

Muscle balance

Improved muscle balance helps with reducing pain, increasing range of motion and increasing strength. Muscle balance is the relationship of opposing muscle groups across each joint. This balance would include strength vs weakness and tightness vs flexibility.

Sustained adaptation

Eating right and proper exercise programing will have your body ready to work out at the proper intensity each workout. These consistent quality training sessions will produce plateau busting results year after year.

Quality Training Sessions

Our full spectrum training schedule and eating right will have your body ready to make the most out of every workout maximizing your time and results.

Movement patterns

Proper movement patterns are essential for reducing injury and achieving optimum levels of performance. Bad movement patterns are often a results from compensations due to injuries, weak or tight muscle groups and sedentary lifestyles.

Injury prevention.

Nothing will reverse your progress towards your goals faster than injuries. Moving right and training smart work together to produce better movement patterns and muscle balance greatly reducing risk of injury.