April 2019 — Scott Kallback

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1. How has Kineo Fit helped you with your active CO Lifestyle?

Kineo has helped me understand that there is more to exercise than bench presses. The different styles and exercises help keep my body guessing, which has been great for hikes, runs and skiing.

2. What improvements have you seen in yourself?

Mentally, it helps to feel like part of a team. I don't want to let down the trainers or other members and want to help everyone achieve their best every workout. Seeing and understanding my heart rate has helped me see that when I feel like I may have reached a max, I can actually give a little more. Physically, I feel more complete and able to give more in the gym or on a trail.

3. What do you like best about Kineo Fit?

I like that Kineo feels like a family. The trainers care about each person as an individual and not as a number. Other members want to help push me to workout harder and to enjoy the workout.

4. What is your favorite workout day? Why?

It's a toss up between Power and Ultra days. I like the ropes and explosive exercises on Power days, but Ultra's always leave me completely exhausted.

5. What are some of your interests? / Fun facts?!

I love to travel - throw a dart on a map and I'll go anywhere. I enjoy going for a run or hike in the cities I get to go to. I have a wife and two kids and we moved from Chicago to the Springs two years ago having visited only once and not knowing anyone because we wanted to live the Colorado life - and we have zero regrets.

March 2019 — Jennifer LeSage

1.    How has Kineo Fit helped you with your active CO Lifestyle? 

Kineo helps me feel fit, strong and confident. I was overweight for most of my life. For years I felt insecure and unable to have an active lifestyle.  Kineo has been a game-changer.

2.    What improvements have you seen in yourself?

Two years ago, I began on a journey to lose weight and become healthier.  I was able to lose 75 pounds; however, I did not incorporate exercise.  Over time I began having difficulty maintaining my weight loss.  Worse, I gained a few pounds back.  After joining Kineo and was able to lose those extra pounds. I am now able to maintain my weight with sanity.  I feel years younger and have more self-esteem. 

3.    What do you like best about Kineo Fit?  

I love the structure and the support and encouragement of the trainers.  These three elements push me to work hard.  In the past when I signed up at traditional gyms I never saw results. I wouldn’t push myself and I was confused on what to do.  Kineo solved those problems.

4.    What is your favorite workout day? Why? 

I love all the workouts and the variety they have to offer.  Strength and Power days challenge me and leave me feeling accomplished and strong. Mobility and Ultra days provide a fun change of pace.  Strength Endurance days leave me feeling capable, fit and agile. 

5.    What are some of your interests? / Fun facts?!  

I enjoy traveling, reading and working out at Kineo.  Fun fact: I love animals and my family fosters kittens when we are able.  Our peak was 18 kittens in our house at once and it was as awesome as you might imagine!   

6.    Any other comments! 

I am grateful for the acceptance and encouragement I receive at Kineo.  The entire team is amazing! 


February 2019 — Chris & Justus Whipkey

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1. How has Kineo Fit helped you with your active CO Lifestyle?

  • Kineo Fit helps us feel strong and balanced so we can enjoy everything Colorado has to offer. We both love to run and hike, Justus loves to mountain bike, too. We can occasionally be caught on the slopes, as well.

2. What improvements have you seen in yourself? (physically or mentally)

  • Physically, I think we both feel stronger and have better endurance and speed, especially when running.

    Working out regularly builds our confidence and feeling physically healthy leads to feeling mentally happy, calm, and strong.

3. What do you like best about Kineo Fit?

  • Kineo Fit doesn’t feel like a typical gym. We are made to feel as if we are not only members, we are family. Positive support abounds here and every fitness level and goal is embraced.

4. What is your favorite workout day? Why?

  • Our favorites are Ultra and Power. Ultra because it’s sneaky...we go home thinking, “That was fast and easy.” Then wake up the next morning feeling happily sore, if that makes sense. Power is a fun, fast-paced, challenging workout. We like pushing ourselves through a Power day.

5. What are some of your interests? / Fun facts?!

  • We both like to travel-run...go on trips with a race day or run planned.

6. Any other comments!

  • Kineo Fit has become our regular “date.” We’ve been together since we were 17 and 18 years old, married for over 20 years, have two sons (18 and 15). 

January 2019 — Amy & Daniel Kelly

Get To Know Amy & Daniel:

1. How has Kineo Fit helped you with your active CO Lifestyle?

  • Kineo is a great compliment to an active CO lifestyle. I have so much more endurance on hikes and I’m WAY less sore after. It’s also given me the confidence and training to be able to do things I never thought I would, like trail running and (attempting) mountain biking.

2. What improvements have you seen in yourself?

  • Amy: I have never felt better about myself since I started working out at Kineo, physically and mentally. I have so much more confidence in the way I look and the things I can do. I am so much stronger than I ever thought I can be and I actually have muscle definition! The biggest improvement I’ve seen is in my cardio health.

3. What do you like best about Kineo Fit?

  • We love the community at Kineo.

  • The trainers and members are so encouraging and welcoming it really feels like a family. 

  • I also love the time put it in to create the workouts. They are so thoroughly thought out and the trainers take time to explain each workout and give modifications.

4. What is your favorite workout day? Why?

  • Strength day!

  • It’s the most challenging on both sides but we always feel SO GOOD and accomplished afterwards.

5. Any other comments!

  • My husband and I started going to Kineo because we wanted to do something together. It has truly made us closer and it’s so great to be able to go with him and do some thing we both really enjoy!

  • It means so much to me to share my love of Kineo with him and we are so appreciative to be part of the Kineo family. 

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December 2018 — Dan Trimbach

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Get To Know Dan:

1. How has Kineo Fit helped you with your active CO Lifestyle?

  • Kineo has greatly improved my strength and cardio. Before Kineo my knees and back gave me a lot of pain. Even going for a short jog was hard on my knees. Now, I don’t worry about it at all. I feel great! Running, biking, hiking, etc. is so much easier and more enjoyable.

2. What improvements have you seen in yourself?

  • I’ve lost a lot of weight. I used to weigh between 200-205 lbs. Now, I am between 170-175 lbs. with a much lower body fat percentage.

3. What do you like best about Kineo Fit?

  • I like how efficient the classes are. I feel like you get the maximum workout for the minimum time in the gym. I also like how the exercises are also different and work muscles I didn’t even know I had.

4. What are some of your interests / Fun facts?

  • I love to golf, although I am not very good at it. I also enjoy working on old cars. Right now I am restoring a 1971 Lemans Convertible.

5. Any other comments!

  • I’d like to thank all of the little people who have helped me in my quest to be the Member of the Month.

November 2018 — Caroline Monaco

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Get To Know Caroline:

1. How has Kineo Fit helped you with your active CO Lifestyle?

  • Kineo Fit has been there for me for the past 4.5 years through sweating for the wedding, recovery from an ACL reconstruction, a pregnancy, and so much more.

  • KineoFit has helped me get back to skiing pain-free, running my first triathlon, and advancing my mountain biking skills!

2. From a physical therapist perspective, what do you appreciate about what we offer?

  • Due to my background, correct form is super important to me with strength training, so I appreciate the attention to detail the trainers give members during the workouts, making sure members don’t get hurt! I also appreciate the focus on core strength, since that’s the basis for balance and all our other strength. The different workout days target different aspects of strength and cardio training, which is important for well-rounded fitness! I also like that the exercises can all be tailored to each member’s strength and fitness level.

3. What is your favorite workout day? Why?

  • Ultra day! I love the variety and challenging myself to get through the workout as fast as possible while staying under 80% of my heart rate max.

4. What are some of your interests? / Fun facts?!

  • I love the outdoor Colorado lifestyle! Hiking, biking, skiing, camping, etc. I love doing outdoor things with friends and have enjoyed hanging with Kineo members at the 18 Hours of Fruita bike race and the annual Sundance Duathlon. I’m also outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios.

  • Fun fact about me: my first name is actually Alice. I’ve gone by my middle name all my life and tried to change it when I got married, but turns out you need a court order to change your first name (lame). I have an almost-two year old who is slowly asserting her dictatorship. Send help!

October 2018 — Wendy & Steve Walis

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Get To Know Wendy and Steve:

  1. Likes Kineo because:

  • Strength Training portion : We love the constantly changing variety of exercises

  • Cardio portion : Being able to see our current heart rates for the targeted intervals & the points inspire us to reach/maintain these target rates while stimulating our competitive natures!

2. Favorite workout day:

  • Each workout day presents its own unique challenges

  • While some workouts are harder than others, we find that by completing all of them, we are rewarded by the results we see in ourselves

  • Our favorite day is Power — Nearly every activity encourages us to work harder, but one power day a week is sufficient!

3. Improvements seen:

  • We both have experienced significant improvement in overall strength and conditioning, which we were unable to achieve despite years of working out on our own. We feel better and have more energy and this in turn, motivates us to attend class on a near daily basis

4. Application of Kineo outside:

  • Our endurance has vastly increased since joining KineoFit. In addition to the daily KineoFit workouts, we now regularly hike our local trails at a faster pace and for much longer distances than we were able to achieve previously (something our dog appreciates a lot)

5. Interests:

  • Wendy — Gardening, and volunteering with a non-profit that uses horses to help people with disabilities and special needs.

  • Steve — Recently retired and is now actively involved in home brewing beer.

  • Very excited about being first time grandparents and spending time with our granddaughter Juniper.

  • Additionally, we are looking forward to traveling, now that we have the time.

The entire staff at KineoFit is awesome! They sincerely care and work hard to make each class enjoyable and motivating. They willingly suggest an alternative or modified activity if the scheduled one is too difficult. The small class size creates a welcoming environment and helps establish good relationships.

September 2018 — Cathy Casey

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Get To Know Cathy:

1. Likes Kineo because:

  • The trainers: Greet us by name and they motivate us to do hard things!

  • The workouts: I would not do these things at the gym on my own… nope!

  • The only gym that I have truly used my membership. With these trainers, we learn how to do each exercise and are given tips when we aren’t doing it correctly. The workouts are varied and challenging

2. Favorite workout day:

  • Ultra - I think this workout has helped me with endurance.

3. Improvements seen:

  • I have taken on challenges that I probably would have not even considered before

  • I have tackled a Triathlon, Duathlon, Half Marathon, etc.

4. Application of Kineo outside:

  • Mountain biking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors!

5. Interests:

  • I love to hike and camp

  • This summer I renovated an old pop-up camper that my mom & I are using now, we feel so privileged to have an actual camper!

  • I also do a lot paper crafting (cards & scrapbooking) and I make jewelry


August 2018 - Nathan Hartle

Get to know Nathan:

1. Likes Kineo because:

  • Friendly welcoming staff

  • Ever changing workouts

2. Favorite workout day:

  • Mobility day is always welcome, but my favorite is the Strength/Endurance day. Strength Endurance lets me focus on lifting weights and not be as tired from pushing Cardio as hard as on a Strength day

3. Improvements seen:

  • My quality of sleep has gone up (as well as falling asleep faster)

  • I have much more energy throughout the day and overall my mood has improved

  • I have also seen and felt great improvement cardio wise, including increased range speed and endurance

4. Application of Kineo outside:

  • I have signed up for the Duathlon on September 9th to do the running portion. I have never been in any kind of race before!

5. Interests:

  • I enjoy hiking with my dog, cooking, scifi/fantasy/horror movies, and reading. I also work and play with computers and have recently gotten into VR on the PC.

I just want to encourage everyone to try out Kineofit, I was able to start at a level I was comfortable with and go consistently without burnout/injury and build up to going more than I thought I would be able too.  It is fun, stress free, and if you are consistent you can see results quickly.

July 2018 — Gloria Kugler

Get to know Gloria:

1. Likes Kineo because:

  • Different classes and the class is never the same

  • The workout has a mix of walking or bike riding with exercises

  • The trainers do different things each time and if you can’t do something they come up with something just for you

2. Favorite workout day:

  • I don’t have a favorite day, but I try to work out 3 times a week. I like Mobility and Ultra the best as I usually can do all the exercises

3. Improvements seen:

  • I feel like I am stronger and more flexible

4. Application of Kineo outside:

  • My goal was to do the Susan Komen Walk in September at the Garden of the Gods without having to stop and rest, so we will have to wait and see

5. Fun Fact:

  • She drove an Excavator at Extreme Sandbox last fall in Hasting, MN

  • Gloria is 79 years old and continues to be one of our most regular members

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June 2018 — Karen Hartley

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Get to know Karen:

1. Likes Kineo because:

  • Workout are different day to day and are always challenging

  • I am always learning new ways to work my body

2. Favorite workout day:

  • Power Day

  • It's an intense workout and leaves me feeling energized and like I can conquer whatever I set my mind to

3. Improvements seen:

  • More muscle definition

  • Greater endurance and strength

  • Weight loss

4. Application of Kineo outside:

  • Run longer distances with seemingly less effort

  • Trained for the Zion Half Marathon and felt strong for the duration and the recovery afterwards was nearly painless

  • Increased stamina for other activities

5. Interests:

  • Hiking, biking, running, and stand-up paddleboard

  • Cooking and baking

6. Fun Fact:

  • Karen's adopted puppy Fiona was being fostered at a local rescue organization by a former Kineo trainer

May 2018 — Trisha Buckett

Get to know Trisha:

1. Likes Kineo because:

  • Offers a workout variety

  • Gets a great workout in 60 minutes

2. Favorite workout day:

  • Strength day!

  • It is a challenge of heavy weights with slow, and controlled reps

3. Improvements seen:

  • Increased strength

  • Increased core stability

4. Application of Kineo outside:

  • Increased muscle strength and stamina

  • Less fatigue during and after tough hikes

5. Interests:

  • Traveling

  • Hiking

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