Best Diets of 2018 -Per US news and World Report

In 2017, the weight loss market in the USA had an estimated worth of $66 Billion, however, Americans are more confused than ever about what to eat and obesity rates have continued to rise.

With so many diet choices and such oppositional stands on food, making the right choice can be overwhelming. The first step to finding the right diet for you is to get rid of the idea that one size fits all. We are all genetically unique and should listen to our bodies when it comes to food.  

The top-rated diets had these traits in common

  • Sensible portion control

  • Lots of food options

  • High amounts of fruits and veg

  • Lean proteins, either plant or animal based

  • Low sugar

  • Emphasis on whole grains

  • Avoids processed foods

When choosing a “diet” or eating plan, consider the 4 S’s to see if its right for you:

a.     Is it Safe?

b.     Is it Smart?

c.     Is it Sustainable?

d.     Is it low in Sugars?


WellnessKineo Team