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First workout at kineo fit? we recommend:

  • a strength endurance, ultra, or mobility day if you are just starting back working out
  • a strength or power day if you want a tougher challenge your first workout


  • focus on heavy resistence

  • slow and controlled movements

  • builds muscle and strength

  • strengthen your weak areas

  • during cardio: holding uncomfortable anaerobic intervals (85% of max heart rate or more)

  • the right amount of rest between exercises to maximize effort during work (which maximizes real change!)


  • same focus and benefits of strength day on the weights side
  • combined with lighter cardio intervals 75% - 85% max heart rate
  • builds strength and aerobic endurance and power


  • fast powerful movements on the strength side
  • during cardio: short sprints followed by adequate recovery
  • develops explosive power


  • a day focused on moving better by focusing on, flexibility, balance, agility, and correcting movement patterns
  • the most important workout of the week
  • a body that moves right performs better and is much less prone to injury
  • allows you to get more out of your other workouts
  • a lighter cardio program for a perfect active recovery day


  • "The list" workout 
  • finish all of your blocks of strength and cardio as fast as possible while staying aerobic (80% of your max HR or less)
  • focus on being efficient
  • a great full body workout 
  • the most aerobically fit athletes will finish the "ultra" workouts first just like in a real competition