Next Level Nutrition Challenge

October 14th - November 24th

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A six week challenge:
Education and habits for a lifetime

6 weeks of daily accountability on the following topics:

Week 1: Meal Prepping

Week 2: Tracking

Week 3: Macros

Week 4: Fiber

Week 5: Simple Swaps

Week 6: Sodium

Here's how it will work:

  • Daily accountability: your self, your coaches, and your team

  • New topic each week with informational email, video, and recipe ideas

  • Daily check in's with coach & team

  • Facebook group to check in & help stay accountable

  • Track your "points" for the weeks focus and previous weeks habits

  • Weekly reflection questions to check in with yourself

  • Seminar at Cafe Red Point

  • Celebrate! At the end we are hosting a potluck for all participants!

What are our goals during this challenge?
Provide you with the tools to create healthy eating habits aimed to:

  • Fueling your lifestyle and your workouts

  • Educate you about Macro-nutrients - Carbs, Fats and Proteins

  • Understand the effects fiber & salt have on your body

  • Help you understand "Clean Eating" options for your lifestyle

  • Create manageable & measurable habits to get you closer to your goals

  • Feel your best

  • To Maximize Your Colorado Lifestyle!

What do you need to participate?

  • Ability to download and use My Fitness Pal app on your phone (free app)

  • Email access

  • Group texting to communicate with team

  • Facebook (recommended but not required)

What's the investment?

Cost: $199 for 6 weeks of daily support

Your time: doing the challenge and checking in with your team

Meet your coaches & their nutrition backgrounds:



-B.S. and minor in Nutrition & Wellness

-NASM personal trainer with focus on Nutrition across lifespan, nutrition needs for athletes, and more!

-Studying for Masters in Applied Sports Psychology



Certified trainer & yoga teacher

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach in training

Certified Hormonal Health Specialist in training

Ready to sign up?!
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Any questions? your coach and teammates can help or email