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What do you love about Kineo?

I really wouldn’t work as hard on my own. I love the structure of the workouts, as they are straightforward and you know what to do. In addition, the instructors are very encouraging and will make sure that everyone’s form/ technique is correct.

Favorite workout day?

Ultra — The additional workout day was a refreshing change of pace for a long-term member!

My favorite exercise is the turkish get-ups that involves concentration, balance, and full-body movement.

What improvements have you seen in yourself?

Overall, I am much stronger — full body, but especially my upper body. After joining Kineo, I have much more energy and and increased endurance. The mobility days involving ladders for agility and lateral movements have been greatly beneficial for me, and I am significantly faster to the ball when playing my favorite sport of pickle ball!

What are you more willing to / can do since joining Kineo?

Kineo has kept my knees strong! Therefore, I am not as fearful of taking a little more risk and pushing myself further. I have also been able to bike further distances and feel balanced on my mountain bike.

Other comments:

I’ve stuck with it because I feel like it works, whereas I’ve never stuck with anything else for so long.


What do you love about Kineo?

The people at Kineo are friendly, fun, and supportive and it creates a truly enjoyable environment. The trainers are motivational, give great instruction, and they are fit themselves! Kineo provides a nice 1 hour in-and-out workout. Every workout is a challenge, and the variety keeps it interesting. If you stay consistent with Kineo, it works! If you add the healthy eating component, it works even faster for incredible results. 

What improvements have you seen in yourself?

First of all, I have lost 50 lbs since becoming a member at Kineo. The weight loss has been extremely valuable, but the increase in overall strength and core strength has been the most noticeable improvement in myself. Lastly, the mobility days have really helped me feel as though I am moving better. 

Other comments:

I have always been an outdoors person, but I can do what I want to do more efficiently. 

I tried working out on my own for a long time, but Kineo provides consistency and structure that has really benefited me. 



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What do you love about Kineo?

The trainers are amazing, they have such depth in knowledge and make the workouts individualized for everyone. By the end of the week, you have truly exercised all of your muscles and are improving your full-body strength. Kineo offers great variety, where the workouts are always different. They are focused on different purposes through the various days of power vs. endurance vs. mobility. 

What improvements have you seen in yourself?

One of my most incredible adventures was hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. This was only possible because of the increased strength, increased energy, and overall higher stamina that I developed from Kineo Fit.

Other comments:

Anyone can do the Kineo workouts -- the trainers adjust the exercises to anyone's current level of capability. Regardless of age or fitness level, the Kineo Fit team provides an amazing workout for all individual members.