Alisha Marie reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

Kineo Fit is the ultimate workout. Not only is the atmosphere fun and energetic, every work out is tailored to you. The Woodway treadmills are amazingly smooth to run on and the Kinesis One machines are unlike anything I have ever used before. The best part is the whole workout is designed around their heart rate technology, helping me maximize my results. I'm never bored with my workout and I am always looking forward to my next class.

Emily Jo reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

I love going to kineo fit! They have the best trainers and I always have a good time while getting a great workout in! I highly recommend checking it out and they have a great student discount. There is no way I would get this good of a workout on my own.

Blaine Willeford reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

I never do reviews, but I signed up after one class. It's easy to be apart of a gym but it's hard to find a gym that wants to be a part of you. So positive and uplifting place!!! Officially a new member! Try it people

Ryan reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

This is easily the best gym I have ever been to. It is a really awesome concept and it definitely improves your fitness in a very visible and tangible way. Anyone looking to take their training or fitness to the next level should check them out.

Cathy Casey reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

Kineo Fit is amazing! I've lost inches & body fat and it's the best workout for results! Try it, you will love it!

Eric reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star
The best! Traditional gyms are boring, that's a fact! Kineo Fit incorporates cardio, strength training, competition and fun all in one. Friendly owners, knowledgable staff and state of the art equipment equals the best gym environment to achieve your goals and continue to come back! Best gym experience ever!

Samantha Briggs reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

Kineo Fit is the perfect balance of cardio and strength. The group setting helps me push myself to the limit, along with the heart monitor, and I'm constantly encouraged by the trainers to succeed. While I always feel sore, I never feel injured. Cheers to burning fat and building muscle!

Victoria Mallon reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

I'm usually not a big fan of gyms but this place is great. I joined in February to add some cross training to my workout schedule. I never lifted weights or did any strength training on my own. Then I developed hip and back issues from overtraining. With the guidance of knowledgeable trainers I've been slowing increasing my strength and stamina. With the heart rate based training I push myself more than I would on my own. Whether you are someone who wants to get in shape or already a seasoned athlete, Kineofit does not disappoint!

Tim Barnes reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

I love Kineo Fit and the Staff! This is the future of Fitness Now!

Kirsten Garrett reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star
Awesome!! I really enjoy this today and who can argue with 700 calories burned in an hour!

Randi reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

2 days in and already addicted to Kineo Fit! I have done my fair share of Personal Training, Group Classes and Video Workouts. Without a doubt this is THE MOST FUN I'VE EVER HAD WORKING OUT (and I'm a major complainer)! Woooooooo I found my gym finally!

Matt Childers reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

Hands down the best and fun workout ever, and the staff is great too!!

Courtney reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

Kineo Fit is such an incredible place to go. It has such a positive environment where everybody knows your name and encourages you to truly do your best! I have never been motivated to go to a gym, and that is coming from someone who is very active. Each trainer has great knowledge of what each workout does to benefit your overall fitness level, and they cater to your athletic ability or disabilities. No workout has ever been the same and it gets all different parts of your body, no skipping arm or leg days wink emoticon . The new equipment that we use there is some of the best you could use, you will become spoiled! It is truly a joy to work out with such a dedicated group of individuals and to be a part of the Kineo Family! I love this place, like a second home!

Jackie Butterfield reviewed Kineo Fit – 5 star

I started about a month ago and I am hooked! 5:15 am workouts have never been better! The staff really cares about each individual and their goals.