Welcome to Kineo Fit, the ultimate fitness center in Colorado Springs. We provide high energy, scientifically based small group training sessions unlike any workout you’ve ever done. Our mission is to get you excited about exercising, while using new technology that gives us the ability to maximize your results.


We are the “Decathlon” of workout routines, combining targeted cardiovascular intervals with strength training. At Kineo, your 60-minute training sessions will incorporate our state-of-the-art heart-rate monitors and some of the most advanced fitness equipment in the industry. One of our elite trainers will guide you through the workout, targeted precisely to the level of intensity you need for faster results and optimal performance. Our combination of both teamwork and advanced science is sure to make you sweat at our premier Colorado Springs gym.


The Kineo Fit workout provides a personalized experience, with a class maximum of 24 people. Half the class begins with cardio training, and the other half starts with strength training. Clients may choose to bike, run or walk on treadmills for their personalized cardio intervals.


High-energy, motivating trainers lead the class with headsets, while playing great music orchestrated for your workout. Each participant wears a heart-rate monitor, so trainers can guide members into one of the 5 desired heart-rate zones for specific metabolic training effects. The monitors play an integral role in the cardio interval portion of the class, challenging both novices and elite athletes. Click on “The Science Behind it All” to learn more.


Classes can be conveniently reserved online, by smartphone, in person, or by calling us at 719-260-4891.



Our program was designed to meet the goals most people have for exercising: to look, feel, and perform better. We also built our program so it can be tailored to the abilities of each individual. We have the capability to push elite athletes, and also to tone it down for deconditioned people. We created an all-in-one fitness solution: It meets the needs of time-crunched individuals and serves as a supplemental program for people with already active lifestyles. Everything in our facility – the equipment selection, programming, and our trainers – was designed to accomplish these goals.


The cardiovascular/Metabolic training

Kineo Fit’s heart-rate monitoring system is EKG accurate, giving our clients and trainers precise control of intensity.  Using a specific variety of workout intensities gives faster results and keeps exercisers from hitting a plateau.  Have you ever wondered whether or not you were improving?

We use reference point training (RPT) to measure your results. Reference point training simply correlates heart rate with performance. Our technology allows us to correlate heart rate with speed on the treadmill and heart rate with power on the bike. RPT allows us to measure progress on a workout-to-workout basis, which becomes extremely motivating and rewarding.  The beauty of RPT is that it offers natural progression. Clients will always be at the right intensity for their current ability because they are using their own heart rate as a guide!

The Strength Training

The strength training segment of the class will be as varied and progressive as the cardio segment.  Each workout’s emphasis is strength, or power, or muscular endurance.  This keeps each workout fresh and fun, while pushing exercisers to the next level of fitness.  More than 85% of our musculature has fibers running diagonally or in the transverse plane. In other words, our bodies were meant to rotate.  

Our program emphasizes the importance of movement in all planes of motion to develop core strength and athletic power. We incorporate exercises that strengthen common weaknesses – to correct muscle imbalances, improve posture, and decrease joint pain. Any exercise regimen that risks injury just for the sake of being intense is a recipe for chronic injuries. We believe that an effective exercise program should prevent injuries, not cause them.   


Our most popular class is one hour long. The class is split into two parts: cardio and strength training. Half the participants start with the cardio portion and the other half start with strength training. Only 24 members can participate in a class at one time. We deliberately designed our classes this way. While valuing group fitness, we still want you to receive the individual attention that a personal trainer provides. A group of 24 or less will give you a feeling of accountability and competition, while still providing a personalized experience.


Our trainers all have extensive education and certifications in exercise science. The are passionate about fitness and inspire our members to meet their individual goals and live a healthy lifestyle. They are friendly, professional and fun!