5 Reasons to get Kineo Fit

 Not all heart-rate based workouts are created equally. The Kineo Fit difference…

-  The Best Workout - (Trainer-led 30 minutes of targeted cardio intervals and 30 minutes of strength training)

At Kineo Fit we use our exclusive Full-Spectrum-Training (FST) for fast and lasting results. FST is about placing the right stress on your body to produce real and lasting changes for fat loss, increased muscle and great overall fitness for the Colorado lifestyle. In addition, our interval training workouts burn 500 – 1000 calories and give you the caloric and metabolic benefits of EPOC (AKA an “afterburn”). 

-  The Best Equipment

To deliver you the best workout we provide you with the best equipment:  Woodway treadmills- Once you use these you will never want to use another treadmill! Woodways offer the best impact absorption for your joints and the ability to do up to 15% incline and 15 mph. Our Schwinn spin bikes have power and cadence displays. The versatility of our Kinesis One machines, free-weights, suspension training and other functional equipment give us infinite exercise options.

-  The Best Variety

FST incorporates   strength, power and endurance days to provide the right stimulus for continued results. When combined with the best strength equipment in the industry, our FST program gives you a remarkably different workout every time. This keeps your workout fun and challenging while allowing us to effectively train your entire body while correcting muscle imbalances.

-  The Best Instruction

We take your success seriously. Our certified expert training staff gives you the feel of personal training in a group setting. Our trainers motivate, correct form and can adapt the workout to your ability. Our cardio program utilizes heart rate technology and is carefully set for each individual. This ensures that beginners and accomplished athletes a-like work out at the correct level for them. We precisely train at each of the 5 metabolic levels to maximize your results

-  Locally owned and built for the Colorado Lifestyle. "get your mountain body - get Kineo Fit!"

Kineo Fit is truly ground breaking and not a franchise. We are a Colorado company that cares about your success! In an industry built on gimmicks and empty promises, we’re passionate about educating you with the scientific truth about fitness and nutrition. We consider our members part of the family and we exist to help you reach goals you never thought possible.

About the workout

At Kineo Fit, we combine the attention of personal training with the motivation of a group. During the 60-minute-workout your heart rate will be your guide. You’ll spend 30 minutes of your workout participating in a cardio program and 30 minutes of your workout strength training. This total body workout is designed to achieve fast results, correct muscle imbalances, gain strength and prevent a plateau in your fitness goals. Our state of the art equipment gives us the ability to create an infinite array of exercise options to keep your workouts both fun and progressive. We provide you with an unparalleled workout program that not only torches calories, but builds strength, power and endurance for your active Colorado lifestyle.

What is full-spectrum training and why do I need it?

At Kineo Fit, we utilize a full-spectrum training approach to your workout. By training your body in all three planes of motion through different cardio and strength workouts, we help you achieve the results you’ve been looking for while avoiding a plateau.

We want you to look, feel and perform your best. The human body is a complex organism with an incredible ability to adapt to the stressors placed on it. To keep your body from plateauing or burning out, it is important to vary the intensity, interval length and recovery time of your workouts. At Kineo Fit, we’ll provide you with a full-spectrum approach by designing versatile workouts to make your body move, feel and perform better.

How does Kineo Fit implement a full-spectrum approach to training? What can I expect from the workouts?

At Kineo Fit, we rotate 3 different days of emphasis into our programming. We work on a periodization schedule of strength, endurance and power workouts. We use heart rate monitors to work your body through different metabolic thresholds. The main benefit of heart rate monitors is to accurately gauge the level of work you are outputting.  We identify your maximum heart rate to customize the workout to you; this insures the fit individual gets pushed enough and prevents the beginner from over-doing it.